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Reiki Master and Spiritual Teacher with 2 decades of experience.

Are you ready to increase your energy, trust your intuition and find your tribe?

If you answered yes, then you are in the right place!

If you are ready to awaken your intuition, in a safe and supported way then Reiki healing will give you access to a nurturing and powerful energy that not only changes your life can teach you how to inspire and help others change theirs.

We teach Reiki and Spiritual Development classes to the highest standard. With 2 decades of practical experience and a step by step approach you can be assured our programs get results.

Nationally Recognised Certificate

Lisa has taught and attuned thousands of students and many are also making a difference in the world, rasing the vibration and creating more space for love in the world at a time when it needs it the most!

#1 Amazon Best Seller

Intuitive Reiki: A Transformational Journey of

Deep Spiritual Awakening, By Lisa Brandis

Have you ever felt lost and alone on your spiritual journey,

searching for a way to tap into your inner wisdom and

connect with the universe?

You can—and #1 World Renowned Reiki & Intuitive Master Channel Lisa Brandis

invites you to explore the power of Reiki healing and discover the limitless potential

of your spiritual and intuitive nature.

What people are saying

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As with all things, l was drawn to this course and Lisa by my spirit guide at just the right moment. Lisa has created a unique way for those living out of Perth to still learn and become trained in the Reiki way. I have thoroughly loved every minute of the two courses and will be forever grateful for the love and care taken to make this all happen for me.

— Kirstie Ogilvy

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Completing training with Lisa and the facilitation was just beautiful, the way the training was written, the space held felt safe and secure at all times, and the nourishment that she provided to each and every student was kind, considerate and loving. It was a really lovely space to be part of and I feel deep gratitude that I was able to experience resetting my Reiki 1 at this time. Love love!!

- Kim Adams - NSW

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Reiki is a beautiful modality we can use to connect with source and share love. All methods work nicely together with Reiki so is a great addition to any practice.

— Severine Weber

Kavita Dalal - Why Reiki is a gift the world needs right now

Lisa describes Reiki as a natural process. From the first time I saw Lisa, she was divine and I thought... I need to learn Reiki from her.

Working with spirit, feeling loved and helping my family

Sarah Doig started with 1 on 1 spiritual mentoring with Lisa Brandis, usually reserved for her Reiki Masters. Lisa is able to work with spirit and show us that she can help organisations and businesses on that level as well.

About Lisa

Lisa Brandis - Internationally renowned Spirit Channeler, celebrated as the world's first Intuitive Reiki Master and Teacher. She is the founder of Intuitive Reiki International, a prestigious Reiki training institute headquartered in Perth, Western Australia.

Lisa has established herself as a respected authority in the field, inspiring, educating, and empowering individuals to make a difference in the world using their intuition and the practice of Reiki.

Her visionary approach focuses on developing and nurturing intuition through Reiki, enabling individuals to receive clear and insightful guidance that enriches all aspects of their lives. Lisa's unwavering commitment to empowering others and fostering personal growth has made her a sought-after figure in the global spiritual community.