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Intuitive Reiki: A Transformational Journey of Deep Spiritual Awakening


Intuitive Reiki invites readers to explore the limitless potential of their spiritual and intuitive nature through the practice of Reiki healing.

In this inspiring memoir, Lisa Brandis draws upon her own remarkable experiences and spiritual insights that led her to becoming a Reiki Master and Spiritual Teacher. Through the pages of this book, Lisa offers a unique and spirit-guided approach to Reiki that combines the traditional Usui Reiki principles with a deep connection to self and others through the awakening of intuition. Through the practice of Intuitive Reiki, you can unlock the infinite potential of the universe, tapping into your inner wisdom and harnessing your innate healing abilities.

In addition to exploring the basics of Reiki and its history, Lisa shares powerful stories of mediumship and connecting to the non-physical realm. This book offers practical guidance on how to become a channel for benevolent beings and ascended masters, and how to integrate their guidance into your everyday life.

Intuitive Reiki is not only for Reiki practitioners but for anyone seeking to trust their intuition and create more meaningful connections. Lisa's heartfelt memoir serves as a roadmap to self-love and healing, while reminding readers of the transformative power of Reiki healing.

Read it in one sitting, then read it again!

Have you ever read a book, and as you're reading you know it's going to change your life? This is one of those books. Lolo Readsalot (Amazon Review)

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