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Learn Intuitive Reiki with Lisa Brandis

Reiki Master and Spiritual Teacher with 2 decades of teaching experience

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Join us in this empowering journey where you will learn how to use your self-trust as the cornerstone of your transformation.

The most comprehensive program for developing professional intuitive healers, who not only master healing techniques but also trust in their unique abilities.

It's more than a certification; it will allow you to experience a profound shift towards self-assuredness, community, and embracing your intuitive gifts.

This Reiki Practitioner & Intuitive Healer course is a perfect fit if you're seeking a self-development tool that's not only simple to learn and implement but also offers exceptional results.

This course aligns with your aspirations if you desire to:

  • Amplify and trust your intuition, channeling positive and nurturing healing energies.
  • Extend supportive Reiki practices to your loved ones.

Moreover, this is the ideal fit if you're looking to:

  • Acquire the tools to become an exceptional healer, earning the admiration and recommendations of your clients.
  • Surround yourself with a community of like-minded individuals offering ongoing support in all aspects of running a successful healing practice.
  • Cultivate confidence in addressing your clients' unique needs, fostering satisfaction and trust.
  • Bid farewell to feeling overwhelmed by gaining a structured, step-by-step process that ensures client satisfaction.
  • Access HD video recordings for convenient reference, ensuring you never miss a vital aspect in growing your business or supporting your clients.

This workshop is designed for individuals who identify as caregivers, health professionals, existing healers, or practitioners proficient in other modalities. It's crafted to provide a powerful tool to expand your skill set, empowering you to better support and assist your clients on their healing paths.




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Reiki 1 & Intuitive Healing Certification


Masterclass Special - Payment Plan

per month for 2 months


Take the first step towards your Reiki Certification by completing the Level 1 course with World Renowned Intuitive Reiki Master Channeller, Lisa Brandis

Intuitive Reiki Offers More Than Traditional Training

This Intuitive Reiki Course goes beyond a standard Reiki Course, as it not only teaches the foundational principles and practices of Reiki healing but also guides participants in developing their intuitive and spiritual abilities, enabling them to tap into a deeper level of awareness and connection with the universal life force energy.

We Believe...

You're here to SHINE, not to be overshadowed by doubt and confusion.

You're here to IGNITE... not to dampen your fire with the weight of self-criticism.

You're here to EMBODY your true essence... Your divine nature... to let your authenticity guide you forward, instead of struggling against it.

You're here to CALL IN those clients who align with your vision... and INSPIRE transformation through your spiritual connection - rather than exhausting yourself working with clients that don't resonate.

And, of course – you're here to PROSPER, wielding the mastery that's exclusively YOURS, creating abundance that flows like a river.

Learn Intuitive Reiki & Make a Difference


Accelerate your healing using the Accredited practice of Intuitive Reiki and boost your intuition.


Discover how to release subconscious blocks and live the life you want by quieting your mind with Reiki.


Learn how to increase and trust your intuition quickly.


Learn how to run nurturing healing energy to help others accelerate their healing.

LIVE ATTUNEMENT: Experience Reiki in its Purest Form

Our Live Reiki Attunement has several advantages over a distance group attunement.

Immediate Collective Energy Boost: Our live group setting creates an instant connection to collective energy, amplifying the attunement experience uniquely for each participant.

Real-time Guidance and Interaction: Engage in live sessions where questions are promptly addressed, fostering a deeper understanding and seamless integration of the attunement.

Tailored Personal Experience: Despite being a group session, our live attunement ensures a personalised journey, allowing you to fully embrace and connect with the Reiki energy in a way distant attunements can't replicate.

Value: $250

Choose a pricing plan

Reiki 1 & Intuitive Healing Certification


Masterclass Special - Payment Plan

per month for 2 months

Students Share Their Experience

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The Attunement to Reiki was a wonderful experience! I felt Lisa's presence standing behind me even though it was online. The warmth of Reiki energy flowed through my whole body like warm honey! Amazing!

— Angie Miles

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The live attunement ceremony was amazing. It was breathtaking and humbling in its own rights where cleansing took place and information and overall calm, peace and deity came into play. It was magical and I am so grateful to have been a part of this process.

— Nickea Schultz

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I saw and felt some things that made it a very interesting, spiritual experience for me. I felt the sensations through my body. My arms felt tingly, my body felt floaty, and I can only describe my mental state as like being "high" or "buzzed".

- Emma Hennessey

✅ Welcome to Intuitive Reiki: A Comprehensive Self-Paced Online Course

That empowers you to heal yourself and inspire healing in others. Dive into our user-friendly web platform featuring 8 modules tailored to your progress.

What's Included:

  1. 🎥 Video Tutorials: Each module is enriched with a video tutorial, guiding you through the practice.
  2. 📚 Worksheets & Information: Support your learning journey with downloadable worksheets and valuable information.
  3. 📜 Convenient Resources: Whether you prefer a tangible copy or digital access, a comprehensive downloadable and printable workbook is provided. Additionally, find essential information conveniently placed under each video for quick reference.

Comprehensive Self-Paced Learning:

Embark on a self-paced journey, allowing you to absorb the teachings at your own rhythm. We recommend exploring four modules a week for an optimal learning experience.

Private Student-Only Facebook Group: ($197 Value)

👥 Instant Access: Join the Closed-Door Intuitive Reiki Practitioners Group, where you'll connect with like-minded healers and light-workers dedicated to similar goals.

💡 Supportive Community: With over 500 previous students, many now Reiki practitioners, this community offers a wealth of experience and support.

💬 Interactive Learning: Pose questions, share experiences, and offer guidance to one another, especially beneficial for those new to Reiki or seeking to deepen their practice.

🌐 Continued Learning & Growth: The group serves as a platform for ongoing learning, where members exchange resources and insights gained through their unique Reiki experiences.

🎁 Exclusive Value: Access to this private Facebook group is included with your enrollment, a valuable resource for connecting with a supportive community of Reiki practitioners and continuing your journey toward healing and self-discovery.

"Heal Yourself & Help Others"

Enroll in Intuitive Reiki, the proven online program designed to amplify your intuition and catalyze transformative changes in your life—swiftly and effectively.

Course curriculum

What people are saying

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As with all things, l was drawn to this course and Lisa by my spirit guide at just the right moment. Lisa has created a unique way for those living out of Perth to still learn and become trained in the Reiki way. I have thoroughly loved every minute of the two courses and will be forever grateful for the love and care taken to make this all happen for me.

— Kirstie Ogilvy

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Completing training with Lisa and the facilitation was just beautiful, the way the training was written, the space held felt safe and secure at all times, and the nourishment that she provided to each and every student was kind, considerate and loving. It was a really lovely space to be part of and I feel deep gratitude that I was able to experience resetting my Reiki 1 at this time. Love love!!

- Kim Adams - NSW

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Reiki is a beautiful modality we can use to connect with source and share love. All methods work nicely together with Reiki so is a great addition to any practice.

— Severine Weber

Artboard 1

I deeply loved this experience. It was way more than I expected. Physically feeling the energy from everyone was very powerful and inspiring. It was incredible to feel such a connection on a deeply personal level with everyone.

I live in Florida so having this amazing energy be received from Down Under was such a gift and a blessing.

— Michele - Florida

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The Reiki 1 course was brilliant from start to finish. The sense of community, a completely safe space to share information with no judgments. Lisa is a wonderful Reiki Master who is so patient, informative, and compassionate. Thank you

— Nicola Tooey

Artboard 1

I loved it! Learning Intuitive Reiki online was such a great experience. I could feel the energy of everyone, even though we weren’t in person. I also felt a lot more aware afterward. I can’t wait for Reiki 2.

— Melanie Fay

Kavita Dalal - Why Reiki is a gift the world needs right now

Spirituality has always been a part of my life. Visiting temples, meditation and I have completed Reiki 1, 2 & Masters. Lisa describes Reiki as a natural process. Amazing and interesting and I was curious and wanted to learn more. From the first time I saw Lisa, she was divine and I thought... I need to learn Reiki from her.

Working with spirit, feeling loved and helping my family

Sarah Doig started with 1 on 1 spiritual mentoring with Lisa Brandis, usually reserved for her Reiki Masters. "Lisa showed me what love felt like, to accept it, & to take Reiki home to better love my children".

Professional Training

Although Reiki is a hands-on practice, Lisa and her team found a way to take their support and courses online so that people could still access the support of Reiki when they needed it most, in a time of stress and overwhelm. Giving students access to quality training without the expense of travel to attend in-person events.

Intuitive Reiki is affiliated with and recommends the Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT). 

We are working with IICT to continue to adapt and update our online training course to ensure the highest standard continues to be upheld.

Is Accreditation Important to You?

It is very important to us too!

As an Executive Member and Approved Training Provider with IICT getting accreditation couldn't be easier.

Plus All Intuitive Reiki graduating students now receive a 50% discount off their first year of membership with IICT.

Lisa Brandis

Lisa Brandis is the founder and director of Intuitive Reiki International, Intuitive Reiki Master, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner, Inspirational speaker, and author of Intuitive Reiki: A transformational journey of deep spiritual awakening.

Australia’s first Intuitive Reiki Master, and a Master of Masters, Lisa has spent the last two decades educating others how to make a difference in the world using the practice of Intuitive Reiki, a unique blend of Usui Reiki combined with an intuitive approach to healing and creating powerful change.

Plus you'll be backed by a Risk-Free 14 day Guarantee

Risk-Free 14 day Guarantee

If you are unsure if you can learn Reiki online, I get you! I used to think the exact same thing, that was until I was forced to change the way I teach Reiki and pivot my business during the pandemic.

You're not afraid to invest in a course as long as you know that you will get the benefits that I promised.

By the end of the 14 days, you will have had ample opportunity to jump into the course and complete the video training, read the workbook which will further ground the information, and put into practice what you have learnt in the course, in real-time - hands-on practice with your family and friends (and pets).

Meaning you will have had the opportunity to learn and put into practice the Reiki techniques.

If you don't feel confident and inspired to begin practicing Reiki and accessing the many benefits of doing so after 14 days of your enrollment, simply reach out, show us you've put in the work, and we'll refund your investment. Full details here....


Renee Munro

Intuitive Reiki is just the perfect pair. Reiki is just the most powerful healing tool, for yourself and your loved ones and anyone that comes into your life that needs it.

Being able to share messages and provide guidance on top of the Reiki is just perfection. It helps clients to be able to accelerate their healing journey and helps give them a better understanding of what may be occurring.

Reiki has allowed me to be more grounded as a person. To be a more loving person and have no judgment. To slow down and be more present. My journey has been amazing, and to be able to spread this love and healing further is just life-changing.

All done in a safe and comfortable environment. No matter what level you are at, if you feel drawn to this it’s the right path for you.

Choose a pricing plan

Reiki 1 & Intuitive Healing Certification


Masterclass Special - Payment Plan

per month for 2 months