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Certified Reiki 2 Practitioner Course

Unlock Your Potential with Our Reiki 2 Workshop

In this course, you will embark on a profound journey of personal and spiritual development as you advance your Reiki skills to new heights. Whether or not you aim to become a professional healer, our Reiki 2 program is your gateway to:

Deepen Your Connection: Explore the depths of your inner self and enhance your spiritual connection through advanced Reiki techniques.

Empower Your Intuition: Learn to trust your innate guidance and develop your intuitive gifts, all while aligning with your higher purpose.

Transform Your Life: As you progress through this course, you will experience a profound transformation, unearthing peace, joy, and inner harmony, regardless of your professional aspirations.

Our course is tailored to your journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth, providing the tools and insights you need to flourish as you embrace the limitless potential of your Reiki practice.

Join us as we embark on this transformational path, and unlock the personal and spiritual mastery that awaits.

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The Intuitive Reiki Practitioner Course

This comprehensive Intuitive Reiki Training includes a live group Masterclass Attunement.

Live sessions are recorded and available to re-visit.

*all calls will be recorded.

LIVE ATTUNEMENT: Experience Reiki in its Purest Form

Our Live Reiki Attunement has several advantages over a distance group attunement.

Immediate Collective Energy Boost: Our live group setting creates an instant connection to collective energy, amplifying the attunement experience uniquely for each participant.

Real-time Guidance and Interaction: Engage in live sessions where questions are promptly addressed, fostering a deeper understanding and seamless integration of the attunement.

Tailored Personal Experience: Despite being a group session, our live attunement ensures a personalised journey, allowing you to fully embrace and connect with the Reiki energy in a way distant attunements can't replicate.

Course curriculum

Are you ready to take your healing energy to the next level?

Advanced Techniques for Healing and Growth.

Are you ready to take your healing energy to the next level? Advanced Techniques for Healing and Growth.

Unlock Your Potential with Our Reiki 2 Workshop

Step into the transformative realm of our Reiki 2 Workshop, a meticulously structured yet relaxed program that seamlessly blends expert teaching, insightful discussions, powerful attunements, soothing meditations, and hands-on practice.

In this immersive workshop, you'll not only master the techniques and sacred symbols of Reiki 2 but also engage in enriching discussions and experiential activities that expand your consciousness and nurture your self-confidence.

Upon completing this workshop, you'll be equipped with the skills and knowledge to take your Reiki practice to a professional level if that's your calling. Don't let this chance slip away – seize the opportunity to deepen your Reiki journey and bolster your self-confidence on this empowering path.

You’ll Get Lifetime Access to All the Videos, and Resources!

Experience the Full Benefits of Reiki 2:

  • Learn the sacred Reiki symbols and discover how working with them can heighten your intuition, leading to greater spiritual awareness.
  • Experience a stronger flow of Reiki energy through the activation of the symbols and receive an additional attunement.
  • Focus and direct beautiful healing energy to yourself and others.
  • Participate in channelled meditations that will increase your levels of joy and abundance.
  • Learn how to send Reiki across time and space for distant healing of self, others, situations, environments, past, present, and future events. This will help you resolve dynamics between people and develop insight and understanding.
  • Understand Reiki ethics and professional practice, along with tips on how to run a successful Reiki practice.


Our unique Reiki course qualifies you to become a professional healer and make a positive difference in the world, while doing what you love.

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per month for 2 months

Your Intuitive Reiki Master Teacher

✔ Lisa is a fully qualified Usui Reiki Master Teacher

✔ Author of Intuitive Reiki: A transformational journey of deep spiritual awakening.

✔ Spiritual Channel and Intuitive

✔ Runs a Highly successful business

✔ Taught Thousands of students taught

✔ Trusted and respected Clinical Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner

About Lisa Brandis

Lisa successfully runs and facilitates Intuitive Reiki Workshops. Guiding and teaching students, who have started their own Reiki journey.

Lisa also teaches an Intuitive Reiki Membership for Intuitive Reiki Masters and practitioners. 

Reiki is a continuous journey and one that bonds the student with their Reiki Master. Knowing this, Lisa created a forum to support her students, offering guided meditations to re-balance and heighten intuition, Reiki practice updates from Lisa and Special Guest Speakers bi-monthly to expand knowledge. Students flourish in a nurturing supportive environment of like-minded individuals.

No business venture is ever easy, starting a small business is no different. Lisa had to quickly develop her skills in all aspects of the business including, information technology, marketing, accounting, and administration. 

Lisa’s intuition and tenacity, have allowed her business to grow and thrive and she is looking forward to supporting you in starting yours.

What people are saying

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I have thoroughly enjoyed completing Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 with Lisa. Reiki has come into my life at a very challenging time for both myself and my family. We have found that through Lisa's teachings, Reiki has become a valuable bonding and daily tool for us. The online self-paced format was easy to follow and work through. Lisa's teaching style is very professional and also down to earth, she was always available if I had any questions”.

— Vicky Schache

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As with all things, l was drawn to this course and Lisa by my spirit guide at just the right moment. Lisa has created a unique way for those living out of Perth to still learn and become trained in the Intuitive Reiki way. I have thoroughly loved every minute of the two courses and will be forever grateful for the love and care taken to make this all happen for me.

— Kirstie Ogilvy

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Intuitive Reiki training packages are amazing and perfect for all; from novice beginners to Reiki or those returning for further training. The course modules are clear, concise and backed by supportive videos, handbooks and information sessions. The self-paced platform allows for each individual to learn and review all modules, which further enhances the ability to retain the informative content of the course. Highly recommended.

— Kylie Stephens

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per month for 2 months